Alternatively you can read: Allah selamatkan kak Raja.

Another test video from me. This time, I’m testing my camcorder in Low Lux mode1. No effects added to retain original quality.

BGM: Girls’ Generation – Complete (Click here for Eng Sub)

Captured by: Sony HDR-XR550E
Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

Effects added: None

Dimension: HD 1280×720 progressive
Codec used: XviD (quantizer 3.0) + mp3 (128kbps)

Special thanks: kak Raja Fatihah and all companions that day

All footages recorded during the journey to Cairo International Airport, sending our beloved Kak Teah going home back to Malaysia. All the best for her. I believe we’ll meet again in the future. So let out all the sad feeling for today only.

@Kak Teah: Do update your blog. We’ll surely read your future stories. =)

Note: The above pix was taken automatically by my camcorder, because she smiled. LOL
One of Sony HDR-XR550E features is Face Detection technology; Capture image when the subject is smiling. The quality will slightly a bit lower than Photo Mode but higher than screen-capping the video. Quite nice, to capture unexpected smile moment XD

First minute kind of a bit lost, out of track, out of the theme but hey, this is a test video so just enjoy it. Pardon my friend Galal with his funny face and all random footages. Honestly I do not have enough footages for Kak Teah part. And this video in the end looks like a person died. Failed ~X(

Review from rated Sony HDR-XR550E as a bit worst in low-light condition, but I dont really sure what kind of test they performed in order to measure low-light capability of a camcorder. Comments from the users mostly said low-light recording for Sony HDR-XR550 is satisfactory.

Sony mentioned that the camcorder can record clearly at 11 Lux2, but rated it at 47 Lux and they didnt mention if they used Low Lux mode or not.

The video above is the result of my recording in both Normal and Low Lux mode (Marked with Low Lux mode test).

Honestly, I cant say how much light it’s in 11 Lux or 47 Lux, but we can see noise and grains in Low Lux mode when it’s too dim. On the other hand, some area become brighter than normal, allowing images to be recorded. Quite useful actually if used in correct time and place. In decent lighting, Normal mode is enough.

This will be the last video I produced using the old computer. It’s been 3+ years, and honestly I love my old computer a lot. Never give me problems, except its performance relatively inferior to nowadays basic computer. Who still plays Pro Evolution Soccer 6 today? Haha that’s the best my old computer can give. So I end up bidding Adli’s computer for LE4500.

Some screenshots:

New 23.6 inches Samsung Monitor

Bonus Pix: Who used the sanitary pad?

Note: Jackster suggested me to do tutorials for Video-making, but I really dont know what to tutor. There’re a lot of tutorials out there. Just Google them and a lot of great professional tutorials will come out. What do you say? Comment out below.

1Low Lux mode: Recording mode provided by Sony camcorder to record in dim light. Basically it’ll increase sensitivity to light, enabling video record with satisfactory image in dim-light condition.

2Lux: The International System unit of illumination, equal to one lumen per square meter. Specifications for video cameras such as camcorders and surveillance cameras often include a minimum illuminance level in lux at which the camera will record a satisfactory image. A camera with good low-light capability will have a lower lux rating. Read more about Lux on