Just playing around and found this website. Maybe I’m a little too late to find this but this is so freaking hilarious!

The website accept all kind of picture format, almost all sizes. Also, there’re some settings that will influence your edited picture:

  • Male or Female
  • Currently 20+ Year or 30+ Year Old
  • Drug Addict or Not

This is just for fun. Go to gym, no junk-food and avoid sedentary life style. You will look young even after 20 years.
Enjoy, and play around to get maximum freaking effects. Click the image below:

On another note: This is why you shouldn’t upload your high-quality DSLR-based pictures. Evil people like me can do anything to your pictures. Take caution of your Facebook account, increase your privacy today.

Disclaimer: All pictures are owned by respective faces, used without permission to show the after-editing process. No defamation intended.