This is an entry regarding Jejoongwon. Also spelled as Che Chung Won / Jejungwon

It has been a long time since I write about a drama, and this time I feel an urge to write about it. Excuse the grammar and lack of vocab. I only got 6C for my GCE ‘O’.

Title: Jejoongwon
Genre: Medical, Historical
Episodes: 36
Casts: Park Yong Woo, Han Hye Jin, Yeon Jung Hoon etc.
Source: DramaWiki

Underrated drama : Jejoongwon

Honestly I downloaded the first 10 episodes before summer break, but never bothered to watch it due to it’s average rating (10+). Furthermore, the only reason I downloaded this drama was because of Han Hye-jin. I didnt know the heroes yet. But due to lack of drama collection nowadays, I decided to start watching the first episode and the result is amajjing! amazing. Consequently I downloaded the rest.

This drama revolved around a hospital called Jejoongwon; the first modern hospital in Korea established in the Joseon era in 1885. Baek Do Yang is a nobleman who gives up his status to learn Western-medicine. Hwang Jung is a butcher’s son who rises up his ranks from a low-born butcher to become a great surgeon, while Seok Ran enters Jejoongwon as an interpreter but takes on medical training to become an obstetrician and gynecologist. (Edited from DramaWiki)

A simple word: Awesome.

Where can you find a drama about medicine, history, love, friendship; all in one shot?


As the title of this post, in my opinion all the characters united together because of medicine.

Baek Do Yang who gave up his noble rank to become a good Western-medicine doctor. Hwang Jung who swear never want to see anyone died like his mother. And Seok Ran who wanted to help the women getting proper medical examination, without being embarrassed in front of man.

From the beginning until the end, they faced many challenge, and always managed to go through. From a simple Jejoongwon Hospital, later on it became a big Jejoongwon Severance Hospital. From a simple wound treatment, they also worked on large-scale vaccine production.

All because their passion for medicine; to help and save people.


First half of the story will tell you how the character builds up their love and skills in medicine, but later on the situation will become harder as political situation starts to involve Jejungwon.

It starts with Gapsin Coup and later on assassination of Queen Myeongseong. Both were orchestrated by the Japanese.

I learned a few terms and the good thing is; Korean historical drama never failed to make me Google and Wiki for additional informations.

Sino-Japanese War

China lost to Japan and this lead to Treaty of Shimonoseki which withdrew China power from Korea, giving Japan their way.

Russo-Japanese War

Following China lost, Queen Myeongseong forms a tight relation with Russia, which lead to her assassination. As the timeline of this story mainly when Russia and Japan in pre-war state, we can see how Emperor Gojong was in Russia protection from Japan.

Eulsa Treaty

There was an issue of whether this Treaty is valid or not, but basically this treaty state that Korea is the protectorate of Japan and gave Japan more power in Korea.

Taft-Katsura Agreement

Japanese evil deed can be seen throughout the drama and depicted by Horace Newton Allen (Consul General of US) tried to talk with the Japanese Embassy regarding their unethical behavior but was rejected due to this agreement first clause; US will not interfere in Japan’s matter.

It’s actually interesting how they made out the scene to comply with the history, rather than saying it out loud and starts preaching about every single content.

Of course the story doesnt follow fully the history. For example, in this drama Queen Myeongseong step up front to the Japanese to prevent her court women being killed; while in history she’s actually killed with two other court women.

A little twist is worth the eager to study after each episodes.

And maybe we can learn how Christianity was introduced in Korea; through medical missionary.


Forget all the tear-jerking love scenes, this drama creatively made use of scenery and situations to create love atmospheres between Hwang Jung and Seok Ran. You also can forget about a second women trying to capture hero’s heart and another man (should be Do Yang) trying to flirt with heroine.

They conclude the twisting love story in 20 episodes, all because of their passion for medicine. And Do Yang actually found another fine women when he ran to Japan. Sadly they had to separate.

Worth to watch; Hye-jin cute reactions while being with Hwang Jung. =P


Hwang Jung – Do Yang relationship.
It’s interesting how they started with being enemy; Do Yang caused Hwang Jung cant see her dying mother and Hwang Jung (in Do Yang opinion) caused his father’s death. In the end, they turned into a really good friend after solving all the conflicts together.

Hwang Jung – Seok Ran relationship.
From a close friend who helped each other, developed feeling, then be a couple. Woohoo~

Do Yang – Seok Ran relationship.
From love rivalry with Hwang Jung, Do Yang finally accept Seok Ran as his best friend.

My rating, awesome 9.0 stars.

Awesome storyline, awesome theme, awesome details, awesome surgery-bleeding-sutures props, and awesome Han Hye-jin.

I’ll give it 9.5 if not for it’s abrupt ending. Why did good stories always messed up their ending?

I wish they can show more about Hwang Jung in Manchuria and what happened during 5 years he’s being there, separated from Seok Ran. I wish Do Yang can meet again with Naoko. And Nang Nang would be a great nurse, because she gave an impressive expression when she wanted to become a nurse. And maybe a little awesome bloody ending for those annoying Japanese.

But this is Jejoongwon story, so the ending is acceptable. =)

And another less 0.5 because of some details that I think cannot be avoided such as background of Korea in 1900 looks like the same when I watched Book of Three Han which took place 4000 years before. It also features Han Hye-jin. OMG Han Hye-jin obsession. LOL

Overall, a must-watch drama for Korean drama lover. I really recommend it. =)

Subbed by WITHS2, you can download RAW files from D-Addicts or AM-Addiction.

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An insignificant doctor heals the diseases,
An average doctor heals the people,
But a great doctor heals the nation.