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Letters of Blood

Finished another drama. Deep Rooted Tree or Tree with Deep Roots is a story centers around the creation process of Korean alphabet, Hangul. In history, King Sejong the Great was known as the one who created Hangul with the purpose of making every citizen can read. Previously, the writing was composed of Chinese characters. Due to the fact that Chinese characters cant be easily mastered and requires a high level of education, thus restricting the poor from learning it, King Sejong wants ...
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Dong Yi San

Haha cant think of a suitable title :P This is an entry regarding TWO saeguk (historical) Korean dramas ;) Dong Yi is a story about the life of Choi Dong Yi, later on become Choi Suk-bin (Consort Choi), who enter the palace to find the truth about her father's killer, while at the same time entangled in the political strife of the government. Yi San is a story about a king, his journey to find the truth behind his father's death, and his ...
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