This video was made to test a few effects and new layout for HA! Productions.

BGM: Lee Seung Gi – Losing My Mind.

Captured by: Sony HDR-XR550E
Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

Effects added: Soft moderate contrast, Brighten levels

Dimension: HD 1280×720 progressive
Codec used: XviD (quantizer 3.0) + mp3 (128kbps)

Special thanks: Safwan Roslan

Footages were recorded during our journey to Yaman Said, Manyal and yes, it’s 0030.
No, we don’t need a musyrif. =P

Although Soft moderate contrast enhanced the color, but some parts became darker thus I tried using Brighten levels to compensate for that. Sadly, both Effects masked the true capability of my camcorder recording in low-light condition. Original footages shows clearer view of surrounding and lamps.

This layout will be used for all my videos from now on.

The “ha” in HA! Productions is not the one made by Sunny during her CCP. It actually stands for Hafiz Adam.

p/s: Impressed with myself. Editing done in 3 hours. Usually for 4 minutes video, it’ll take up to 6 hours at least.