SNSD – Mr Taxi full version Music Video was out today and honestly I’m not excited at all.

It seems like their MV nowadays was made out of low-budget and doesnt really express their true charm. I realized this starting from Run Devil Run MV, totally can be seen in Visual Dreams MV and now, Mr Taxi MV.

Of course the songs are awesome, the girls are gorgeous (I mean: This is SNSD we’re talking about), but we need something more from them. RDR and MrT only featured their awesome synchronised dancing and close-ups of nine angels, while in VD we can totally see the girls mistakes (Considering they only practice for 2-3 days, that was understandable, T__T).

WTF? We need an MV composed of choreograph, close-ups, some props, and most important: STORY!

I miss their first epic legendary MV, Into the New World; awesome song, meaningful lyric, gorgeous girls and most important of all, great storyline.

On another note: SNSD also lack MVs for their awesome ballad songs; Complete, Forever, Star3, Mistake, etc. Looks like they got less MV today than their early days. (Maybe they’re too busy to film another one?)

Please, SM and UM, give us something new and hyper-exciting to relieve all deprived SoNEs out there, please? :(