At last! The anticipating moment has come!

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) title track for their third mini-album Hoot was released today!

As usual, the song is catchy. Comparing the teaser and full version, it’s better than expected. Cant wait for the Music Video with new retro concept.

Their mini album will be released on 27th October and music show promotions on Music Bank on 29th! Yay~

Earlier, third version for Genie MV was released. Love this one more than the former versions. =) Gosh, why is it so many “third” in this post?

Last but not least, let’s tell the world whose generation it is today; Order your SoNE badge now!

p/s: I’m releasing my SoNE aura today, =P

UPDATE (28 October) :

Check out the Music Video below, featuring Choi Si-won (Super Junior). Love the concept this time. The girls are super cute, and this time they bring another anti-boy aura, LOL.

Also, listen to Preview of their full Hoot album. Credit to CodeMonmon.

My fav: Hoot, My Best Friend and Snowy Wish. =)

Cant wait for their Comeback Performances;
KBS 2TV “Music Bank” on October 29th
MBC TV “Show! Music Core” on October 30th
SBS TV “Inkigayo” on October 31st