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Origami: Jumping Frog

As seen in Prime Minister & I, starring Lee BumSoo and Im YoonA. I think this is the most accurate version to the one Nam DaJung (YoonA) taught Kwon ManSe, creating havoc when he made one using her marriage contract. Haha. Tutorial by Lachies. It is a bit difficult to follow so you can watch Tavin version. Both are the same, but in the drama they used A4 papers so I prefers Lachies version. There are some modification in step 11 and step ...
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Antara bahagian yang kita suka dalam Star Life Theatre feat SNSD ini adalah waktu temuramah bagaimana mereka boleh masih ceria berusaha walaupun letih dengan jadual yang sangat packed. Sedutan Star Life Theatre EP11.Klik untuk paparan lebih besar. Bila rasa sangat malas selalu teringat rakan-rakan di sekeliling. Selalu menjadikan mereka sebagai kayu ukur dan semangat. Bangun tidur rasa malas nak pergi kuliah, terngiang-ngiang 'Mesti AF pergi kuliah hari ni.' Bila pergi kelas nampak AS di hujung jalan, 'Awalnya AS pergi kelas.' Bila dalam kuliah, nampak ...
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Nine Girls, Five Years, One Love

Nine Girls, Five Years, One Love. Begitulah tema Sambutan Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan Generasi Akhawat yang kelima pada tahun ini. 5 years and still counting... new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'search', search: '#5thAnnivGirlsGeneration', interval: 30000, title: 'Girls Generation 5th Anniversary', subject: '#5thAnnivGirlsGeneration', width: 500, height: 300, theme: { shell: { background: '#f52888', color: '#ffffff' }, tweets: ...
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Celebrate Dengan Charity

Nampaknya untuk Anniversary Girls' Generation yang Kelima Ogos ini, Soshified Malaysia telah mengumumkan projek Honorary Donation For Girls' Generation 5th Anniversary, kutipan derma bermula hari ini. Ini perkara biasa, malah Soshified International sendiri pernah mengadakan Charity Event yang sama waktu Anniversary Ketiga dulu. Kalau tak silap ada juga projek Charity Well untuk membekalkan air bersih kepada negara miskin. Cuma kali ini kita kurang berkenan kerana Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) ditubuhkan oleh pihak gereja (Kristian). Maka selaku orang Islam kurang berkenan ...
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This Is Depressing

SNSD - Mr Taxi full version Music Video was out today and honestly I'm not excited at all. It seems like their MV nowadays was made out of low-budget and doesnt really express their true charm. I realized this starting from Run Devil Run MV, totally can be seen in Visual Dreams MV and now, Mr Taxi MV. Of course the songs are awesome, the girls are gorgeous (I mean: This is SNSD we're talking about), but we need something more from ...
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SNSD – Hoot; Released! [Updated]

At last! The anticipating moment has come! Girls' Generation (SNSD) title track for their third mini-album Hoot was released today! As usual, the song is catchy. Comparing the teaser and full version, it's better than expected. Cant wait for the Music Video with new retro concept. Their mini album will be released on 27th October and music show promotions on Music Bank on 29th! Yay~ Earlier, third version for Genie MV was released. Love this one more than the former versions. =) Gosh, why ...
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9 Girls, and Their 3rd Year

This August has 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays, all in one month. It happens once in 823 years. It's special, coz it's 5! 5 for 5th August! Sunday + Monday + Tuesday = 3 days for 3rd Anniversary! Yes, today is the 9 girls 3rd Anniversary! Dont have anything to say, but let's see the fans from all around the world showing their love to Girls' Generation! To spice up a little bit, I would like to recommend these articles from SNSDKorean. Soshictionary: Gee, You're ...
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