Finished another drama.

Deep Rooted Tree or Tree with Deep Roots is a story centers around the creation process of Korean alphabet, Hangul.

In history, King Sejong the Great was known as the one who created Hangul with the purpose of making every citizen can read. Previously, the writing was composed of Chinese characters. Due to the fact that Chinese characters cant be easily mastered and requires a high level of education, thus restricting the poor from learning it, King Sejong wants to make Joseon‘s own alphabet which everyone can learn and master less than a week. He succeeded in creating 28 letters; simple, easy to learn, unique to the Korean language, plus able to form infinite number of words and also dialects.

Dokbol (Chae Sang-woo) and So-yi (Kim Hyun-soo) originally were slaves. During early King Sejong (Song Joong-ki) ruling, his father the former king who abdicated, King Taejong still hold power in government. His evil way to solidify king’s position made people fears him including King Sejong himself. This is why secret society Mil Bon was formed – to limit king’s power and vouch for parliament system in the government where ministers hold the decision-making.

King Taejong killed all possible candidate of Mil Bon, and those who might threat king’s power in the government, including King’s in-law whose Dokbol and So-yi slaves for. Ultimately, all family members were killed including the slaves, under the King Sejong‘s name. Dokbol and So-yi were saved but separated.

20 years later, Dokbol (Jang Hyuk) returns back as palace guard in a mission to kill the King. King Sejong (Han Suk-kyu) and his subordinates including So-yi (Shin Se-kyung) were in a secret project to make alphabets, while Mil Bon was resurrected by the only heir Jeong Ki-joon to continue their goal to change the current government. These 3 parties finally entangled up in bloody conflicts, all because of Hangul.


Some of the values from the story:

1. Writing is one of the greatest invention ever made

By just watching you’ll think that a lot of blood was shed in order for the writing to be established, but deeply try to think what Jeong Ki-joon oppose the Hangul for.

Without writing, there’ll be no method of communication. Without communication, there’ll be no education. Without writing how can we keep records, make agreements, learn medicine, make announcement? Even computing would not exist without writing, and you’ll never have your desktop and iPad. With writing also we spread rumors, we caused people’s fear, we planted evil seed and doctrine. Double bladed weapon, just like an atomic bomb. That’s how great the extent of writing is.

It’s not the responsibility of the creators if it’s misused, but our responsibility to use it on the right track.

2. Every human must complete his path

We play a role in this God’s theatre. When you set a target, follow the path. Whatever happens, dont falter from your path. Must be very resolute, not waver, and keep going until the end. With your eyes wide opened, watch for yourself the end of your way. As long as we’re in the right track, we’ll see the Heaven.

3. An organization is not one-man personal interest

An organization has its own Goal and Target. Whatever you do, you must accomplish them. Put aside your personal desire and grudges, for that is how an organization works to success.

4. History is to be appreciated

What we have today is the result of yesterday. But tomorrow may not be the result of today. Sometimes we dont know why this is here and how that is there. So appreciate what we have so that the past will proud with what they left for us.


At the end of the last episode, Mil Bon was continued secretly, lead by Shim Jong-soo. Two new names were revealed; Prince Suyang and Han Myeong-soo who was unnamed from the start. As usual, teaser at the end of the series made me ask Uncle Wiki.

Later on Han Myeong-soo will become a close advisor to Prince Suyang. They planned a coup to overthrow his brother’s son, King Danjong and Prince Suyang becomes 7th King of Joseon (4th – Sejong, 5th – Munjong, 6th – Danjong). Jip Hyun-jun then was abolished due to the scholars tried to put the real-king (King Danjong) back on the throne. Han Myeong-soo finally gets his revenge on them.

Another one was the mention of Tiemur Khan at the end of 23th episode. The current dynasty in China is Ming, preceded by Yuan or Mongols. I cant find facts about why the Ming referred Tiemur Khan generation as ‘undefeatable on earth’ so if you have opinion, leave comment below :)

The story somehow was made perfectly fit the historical timeline, making it so real. Nice job.


Still hate Jang Hyuk sad wailing expression ever since Chuno, but for fighting scene he’s cool! Haha. Shin Se-kyung did a good job; 1/3 of the story she’s mute and her expression was well made. This time King Sejong (Han Suk-yu) was really a ‘King’, not too childish like in Dong Yi.

For the first time watching Song Joong-ki fully acting as a serious character, it feels weird but it will pass after some time. Needless to say, Jeong Ki-joon (Yoon Je-moon) was really great, seeing his split personality transformation. Kudos to the actors.

Full of actions and philosophy, making this drama worth to watch. 24 episodes will pass swiftly and suddenly you’ll scream for a sequel (impossible one), haha. Also get ready when you reach last episodes, there’ll be a lot of tears coming out ;)

Another great saeguk drama added to the list. A MUST WATCH. 9/10 stars!


The alphabets are really brilliant. King Sejong did a good job. It’s almost the same as the ABC I’m using to write this post, except that it’s unique to the Korean language.

Although I didnt receive formal education about Hangul characters, just by memorizing it (suppose to, but I just compare the tables XD) I can read and form any words. Never thought the square line circle would be so easy to read. The major difficult problem is I dont know any Korean words so I still need to learn the vocab, haha.

These are the modern Hangul. Early one created in the drama was a little bit different.

Below is an example of two letters, usually it has three.

So, no more stupid Apps to create your Korean name :)