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This is an entry regarding TWO saeguk (historical) Korean dramas ;)

Dong Yi is a story about the life of Choi Dong Yi, later on become Choi Suk-bin (Consort Choi), who enter the palace to find the truth about her father’s killer, while at the same time entangled in the political strife of the government.

Yi San is a story about a king, his journey to find the truth behind his father’s death, and his friendship with two commoner people. Yi San is the grandson of Dong Yi, so you can expect the politics is somewhat the same.

Wiki links worth to read:
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King Jeong-jo (Yi San)


1. Politics

Both story involved the struggle of two major power – Noron and Soron in the government. Each faction will strive to maintain their power in the government, having their own evil plans and big supporter in the palace.

Very much like democracy today, the difference is how the neutral King who does not belong to any faction react to them. While it’s interesting to watch, sometimes I wonder why they actually need to keep their power. The answer might lie in the fear of being executed, but their evil plans one after another just add up the reasons to be executed by law, haha.

2. Love

In saeguk drama, Queen will not ever never be the heroine. The King will fall in love with a commoner, bring her into the palace, and make her a Concubine. Plus there’s always another man who love the heroine but gave her up to the King, protecting them in his silent love.

Love conflicts usually occur between the King‘s wives (Queen and Concubines); jealousy will be added to their reason to be evil.

3. OSTs

Awesome. From children choir, to gayageum instrumental; just one word – awesome.

Love both Jang Nara – Walk in a Dreamy Road (Dong Yi) and Jang Yoon Jeong – Promise (Yi San). Or maybe I just love the ballad feeling sad emotion of the song :P


1. Focus Person

Dong Yi will focus on commoner view while Yi San from a king’s perspective. Both encounter political conflicts but in different manners – Dong Yi will be a detective lurking around investigating corruptness, creating problems in the Palace, but Yi San will be giving orders to his companion while he handles his ministers in the Government who everyday petitioning for something.

There’s a lot more political issues in Yi San, compared to Dong Yi. Yi San will struggle to build trust in the Government while Dong Yi will struggle to build up her place in the Palace.

The different in focus person will also affect main surrounding and mood of the story.

2. Culture

Dong Yi has talent in music, while Song Yeon (Yi San) has the talent to paint. This difference in main characters will affect cultural events, because Dong Yi will most likely be around Bureau of Music while Song Yeon will help Bureau of Painting in their job.

Other than that, all will be the same; festivals with dancing troupe, loud music, wrestling etc.

3. Ending

Happy ending in Dong Yi, sad ending in Yi San. No spoiler intended, if you prefer happy one, go for Dong Yi, and vice versa.

Both story are recommended. Awesome casts, musics, costumes, fights, and strategies. Most important, each has their own moral to uphold. Yi San with his idealistic reign for the commoners, while Dong Yi who wants to create harmony in politics.

60 + 77 episodes. Enough to spend your summer break if you watch one episode per day. ;)

p/s: Next stop will be Hwang Jin-yi. Download in progress.


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